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9GAG vs NESCAF… Hungary

An army of humanity!

So what is going on you might ask right now...
Well here it is: There was a competition where one person would win a prize if he is able to get 3k likes for his project. One guy (who has a disabled brother that he was in the competition for) was asking the 9GAG community (a page with fun pictures and memes) for help. So he asked the most awesome people for help, who ever walked on this planet. What he got were actually about 46k votes until now.
So now NESCAF… Hungary decided to ban him from the competition because this awesome guy and his brother got too much of support from all over the world!
Of course 9GAG will not accept this and so shouldn't you, so help us FIGHT THEM!
More details here.

Update: NESCAF… is looking into it!

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Monday 19th of December 2011 at 12:13



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