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At least if you are not lucky enough

Long story in short: I am trying to interact on stackoverflow to resolve my background issue in both Chrome and Firefox. But I can not comment and my answers are getting banned because I, too, have no answer to this.
Still I desperately need an answer because my site looks like a piece of crap in Firefox and Chrome. Check out the links to learn more.

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Sunday 22nd of December 2013 at 23:52



#309 Lightningsoul
Sunday 22nd of December 2013 at 23:57
another problem with small fb thumbnails posting through the fb api, THAT HAS NOT YET BEEN DEALT WITH. :(

#310 Lightningsoul
Monday 23rd of December 2013 at 01:12
thumbnails in php with jquery problem *note*

#3 bugtastic
Friday 27th of December 2013 at 08:21
background images lagging when scrolling in chrome is a bug!



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