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The World of the 21st Century

A place of peace and prosperity


This article will describe what I think the world will look like at the end of the 21st century.

First of all there is to think about what kind of population there will be. In my mind the world will come to the conclusion that quantity is not everything in the late 2050s and therefor the growth of mankind will start to dwindle down to a state where there is no more growth. It is hard to give exact numbers but I think the world will have to be a home for around 10 billion people in the 2090s.

With that population the problems we already have will increase and be more dramatic. So the resources such as oil, carbon, aluminium, copper or even water will become very low in disposability. Therefor we will have new technologies of recycling and harvesting. We will for example harvest gas out of the grounds of deep oceans as well as harvest helium 3 on the moon for the energy needs of our future generations.

Also there will be no more fuelusing machines such as vehicles. Most of the energy comes out of great powerplants (fusion, helium 3, solar, wind, water) that is transfered into very capable batteries that are able to power a normal car for thousands of kilometres.

The world will also come even clother together. New transportation systems such as space travel and aerial tramway in vacuum will be invented. The second of the two will reduce friction to an abolute minimum resulting in both very high speeds and super low energy consumption.

The medicine of the late 21st century will have healt almost all of todays great threats to human health such as aids or cancer. There will be less and less operations and more genetic and less destructive therapies. It is also a very propable assumption that with gene therapy there will be a way to alter babies into a state of perfect before they are born. With time going by the ethnic cries will go under as history has shown before and science will prevail. Mankind by that will raise their average boost in intelligene even more resulting in even faster development and better technologies by that.

With the general evolution of the minds the world will show its will for peace and prosperity. So wars will almost be extinguished in the late 21st century. No big country will ever be involved in anything that harms humans any more. People will see the beauty of life and appreciate it a lot more. Governments and the industry wont set profit margins over everything else as prosperity is very common among everybody and it will be the art and science and progress for everyone that becomes more important than just money.

It might even be possible that the world is united by then and has its first worldwide president. It will of course not be a president to rule the world but rather to unite it even more. The thirst for power will disappear as well as the thirst for money did and decisions will not be made by few persons but by many instead. New systems of communication and election will make that possible.

As we are close to reach the 22nd century people will live on both the Moon and on Mars. Maybe we will have a terraforming technology also that will make it possible for us to breathe on mars and not be dependent on earths supplies any more.

To be concluded...

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