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New Enhanced ELO System

just a concept of a fair and easy new system


When I was still playing in the Electronic Sports League I always thought to myself: "This system is frustrating for beginners and stupid for experienced teams."

My reasoning is that: When you are a fresh and young team no one can say how good you are. You could just be a very experienced team that just recently started to play again.
Then this would be highly unfair for teams that already have more than the average elo points on them, because they would lose a lot if they lost their matches against the very good newcomers.

Here is what my idea is: Why not just make a system where teams that have under 10 matches just get normal points while their opponents only gain or lose 50% of what they normally would achieve.
After let us just say 50 matches this is raised to 75% and after 100 matches it is set to the normal value of 100%.

This would result in beginners to get to their normal position as fast as before but older teams not to lose their spot because of unfair matchmaking.
And in case of no matchmaking being possible the beginners would find opponents way easier.
At least I can remember looking for a matchup for over 6 hours or something, just because no one wanted to fight
against our team of super glorious newcomers. :)

Will this be the next ELO system? What do you think?

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Wednesday 1st of January 2014 at 02:01



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