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(1)Tell us about you. Who are you?

I am Joachim Wetzel, 28 years old from Munich, Germany. I am studying business informatics in Stuttgart and I am working at the Munich Airport which of course is in Munich. In my freetime I like to do sports (everything that involves a ball) and ride my mountainbike.
Also I am programming a lot on and offline so I have my own private website www.Joachim-Wetzel.de where you can find more shit about me than you would ever like to know! Btw. Fravec I am solo at the moment!!!

(2)How did you find your way in to www.cs-manager.com?

I think there was a newspost on www.mymtw.de or a similar e-Sports page when I was really active playing Counter-Strike.
At the time I was playing Inselkampf, a browsergame where you have your own isle and can build stuff to conquer more isles - it was really funny! Because I always liked to build tactics for my CS team it was a logical step to try CSM and I was fixed the very first season I played - I think it is by far the best browsergame even though there is a lot luck involved - or maybe that's exactly why it is so good.
Who doesn't like to play the lottery?

(3) two weeks ago you sold a player for 200k, and right now one of your players is on the transferlist. Is this your way of quitting the game. Or what do you want to do with the money?

I thought about selling JoeFuzzy when I started my rebuild. I then had a very nice but younger player with less skillpoints so I decided to sell him instead. Unfortunately I only got 59 csm for the guy who was easily worth 40k+ 8 seasons ago.
He did have very nice offensive limits but what the heck. I still thought that JoeFuzzy with his determination limit of 80 hold me back. I am losing a lot of rounds very closely especially when my 5 players walk into the fire of 5 enemy players! So with the 160k I made a couple of weeks ago I wanted to buy a new player - yet I didn't want to spend all of my money because
I still want to lancamp some players. That's why I bought a highskilled 34y old for 40k - the money I would surely get back by selling JoeFuzzy. This way I will still have 150k+ and get me a chance to finally reach the 1337 in my country and hopefully catch some nice trophies on the way!

(4) Now you are the only german left in the community. So if WW3 breaks out. There will be quite hard for you. Unless you have butter and angelina Jolie. Then you got Xflipper and ReaVe on your side. Not the best people to cover your back, but still... So how does it feel to be alone?

It fucking sucks that lole left right at this time. He was in my league last and this season and it was quite fun to have someone on your side for a change.
Also I was quite aware of the chance that he will be leaving soon (see forum discussion) I still hated his decision - espcially because he stole my best aztec CT tactic a couple of weeks ago - so he will be taking this with him. I still think I am not alone in Legends, there is always superfunny Fravec I like to make a lot of fun of, and there's mic.check sometimes a bit confused but still a very nice guy, not to mention iMmortal who with his advanced English skills always makes us giggle, reaVe with his awesome photoshop skills and so many more who I just love to chatter with. I also think that a community must not only make you a better manager - what counts more is that you have fun along the way. Unfortunately some people see this differently...

(5) What do you do, to make this community the best in csm?

Well, well... I really think we have the best crowd, we are the funniest, the craziest and all around we have a really cool mix of people.
Unfortunately we do not have very good tacticians such as Raid-on or some other guys from other countries. Still I think we could achieve more if everyone of us tries his best to get to the tactical meetings and really push his team to the very best. What we do not need are some lunatics joining us just so we get "cool" trophies because these people will leave anyway and take this metal shit along with them! Also I think if I can achieve to reach the 1337de this would be a great success for Legends and not just for me.

(6) You have been a member for over 2000 days. If you were going to tell your grandchildren the story about csm. What would you say?

I would probably not talk to my grandchildren about csm but if they were gonna ask I would say something like this: It was a browsergame to the best e-sports game ever made. There were so many options to consider that every football manager is ashamed for calling itself a managing game in comparison to csmanager!
If you ever get the chance to play it - do not do it! Because you will lose a lot of time once you started it...

( 7 ) To the final question. What makes you keep playing csm?

Haha, I am thinking about this all the time. In the beginning it certainly was the great aspects of the game as buying players, building tactics and watching the games live. But nowadays it really has come down to talking to intelligent, nice and funny people. This doesn't only include Legends but the guys I am chatting with in IRC (#csmanager.de on Qnet).
That's why I really want you guys to come to this awesome chat network. It is on so many levels better than skype or forum that I can't even find words for it!

Now, let's play the game "quick question, quick answer!

Family guy or Simpsons?

Football or hockey?

Schnitzel or a sausage?

Adolfsson or Frankie Kramer?

Winter or summer?

Do you want to end this interview in a quote, shoutout to the members or just stating that someone is awesome?

"If thy will is endless, thy Legend will be infinite!

Fravec <3

Love you all!

- lg 2012

That's it from me this time!

Sidenote: If you want to be in the next issue, please mail Adolfsson

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