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Session Start: Mon Jun 11 16:52:02 2012

Session Ident: #help

[16:52:02] 14[16:52:02] 9>14 lgg (lg@ has joined #help

10[16:52:02] * Topic is 'Official QuakeNet IRC Support - Read FAQs at before asking | Do not /MSG channel ops | For mirc issues, try #help.script and for general help (hardware etc), try #advice'

10[16:52:02] * Set by Q on Tue Jun 05 22:13:04

14[16:52:02] -G- [#help] Welcome to #help. Please just ask your question and don't spam it. [DE] Bitte stellt einfach eure Frage - ohne zu spammen. [FR] Posez directement votre question - sans répéter, merci.

09[16:52:14] I need help, there is a mirror of myself in Qnet I can not get rid of

09[16:52:23] lgg: it's named lg and it says exactly what I say

[16:57:14] <@bdl> o rly

09[16:57:27] lgg: oh yeah

09[16:57:30] lgg: can make video to proof it

09[16:57:34] lgg: whois lg

[16:58:14] <@bdl> there is one way to get rid of it

[16:58:18] <@bdl> and that is /ignore

[16:58:23] <@bdl> use it!

09[16:58:24] lgg: but I want my nick back

[16:58:34] <@bdl> nicks are not reserved here

09[16:58:37] lgg: as a matter of fact I am making a video now

09[16:58:41] lgg: yeah but it's a bug

[16:58:47] <@bdl> bug?

09[16:58:56] lgg: can't you just kick / ban / delete / never let it in again here?

09[16:59:05] lgg: yeah I will give you video

[17:00:20] <@bdl> put it on youtube so we can rate it

09[17:00:25] lgg: yeah

[17:00:43] <+Cail> almost smells like a mircscript on input script gone wrong

[17:00:43] <+Cail> :P

09[17:01:16] lgg: mmh

09[17:01:54] lgg: don't have "input" in my scripts :(

[17:02:32] <+Cail> seeing that "lg" has been idle for almost 10 hours

[17:04:13] <@bdl> he's trolling

[17:04:15] <@bdl> but failing

09[17:04:57] lgg: nope

09[17:04:58] lgg:

09[17:04:59] lgg: I am not

09[17:07:27] lgg: any suggestions?

[17:07:50] 14[17:07:50] 9>14 stpso ( has joined #help

[17:08:05] <@bdl> yes, use your current nick

09[17:08:22] lgg: so help means "stfu and get used to your problems"

09[17:08:27] lgg: I thought it was meant differently

09[17:08:30] lgg: sorry for bothering you

09[17:08:32] lgg: next

[17:09:10] <@bdl> considering nicks are first come first serve here, yes, that is the only answer which you will receive

09[17:09:36] lgg: not if it's clearly a bug

09[17:09:55] lgg: and if you at least were decent enough to take a look at the video I posted you would knew it was

[17:10:22] <@bdl> do you have any idea how an ircd works?

[17:10:35] <@bdl> or do you just shout "bug" without any idea of what a bug is

09[17:11:09] lgg: I am not starting a discussion with you when not receiving the least bit of help from you

[17:11:12] <@bdl> "lg" could be just a bot or a client with a script which repeats everything you send to it. eitherway, it's not our provlem

09[17:11:13] lgg: that is a thing I stopped long ago

09[17:11:16] lgg: please someone else

[17:11:16] <@bdl> -out lgg

[17:11:16] 14[17:11:16] 4<14 lgg (lg@ 4was kicked14 by G of #help (Banned)
Session Close: Mon Jun 11 17:11:17 2012

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Monday 11th of June 2012 at 17:14



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