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9.4 (Ranking: #6)

WOW! How many hours have I played this title and am still playing? I don't know how many soccer games I have played until now but it definately was a lot. The only one I really liked was PES 6, playing with a good friend of mine and trying to win the international tournament on legendary mode for ages! Until this prescious psp title I thought there would never be a nice football game again but it proved me wrong. When you just have the smallest piece of input the controlling of your players really becomes natural. You just dodge by pressing in an opposite direction which works really really great. Also my totally imbalanced team of Bayern Munich with Robben, Ribery, Kaka, Baxter (young talent with 94 OVR at the age of 21), silva, de rossi, lahm and some others that has won all the titles for 3 seasons now (in legendary mode) and is very unbeatable at the moment helps making this game just unbelievably addicting for me. Stay tuned for some more content of FIFA 10 PSP in the future!

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Friday 20th of December 2013 at 02:30
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