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to create your own agenda

By logging in by Facebook and then clicking on your name in the left you will be able to use my agenda script which for me is very useful as it saves all of my dates, ideas and other stuff I think about. For example I have a TV show index where my last seen episodes of some shows are saved. It has one field for a rank that will be a number from 0 to anything you want to order your entries. It also has a field for text of course and one for the date and time you added your entry or edited it the last time. The last field is for the category your entry belongs to (e.g. tv-shows). When you wanna save URLs just use the category URL so the first word in your text will automatically become a link.
So if you want that, just use it as you like. Also none information is taken for any other purpose as you need it to be so be assured that no one will use or even see your password or anything!

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