wrong national anthem?!

destiny planet view like google maps - cool!

combined celebrities

new scifi show with Halle Berry

microsoft pays macbook users to swap to surface

upcoming ps4 games

billboard 2014 playlist on youtube

15 cool unknown movies

most googled women on the web

we now have SEO optimized URLs - please excuse any bugs this brings up... I AM ON IT :p

25 websites to kill time

100 worst tattoos ever

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url articles

my bookmarks

the most important sites



Google the best search engine

YouTube the best videos

Facebook the best social media web

Renoi the best developer / webdesigner :)

helpful tools

hidemyass if you want to hide your adress in order to watch youtube videos that are blocked in your country

16:9 calculator gives you a 16:9 height or width value

KeepVid download and save youtube videos to your harddrive


CS-Manager a browsergame that lets you manage a CS team

CS Evo another CS managing browsergame

GameStar german gaming website

GameOne german gaming site and show on mtv

Day Z Mod everything about the arma mod

Web.de Millionenklick german free lottery for 1 million euros


getajoke german page for jokes

9gag funny pictures and memes

>imgflip Gif Generator from YouTube etc.

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