wrong national anthem?!

destiny planet view like google maps - cool!

combined celebrities

new scifi show with Halle Berry

microsoft pays macbook users to swap to surface

upcoming ps4 games

billboard 2014 playlist on youtube

15 cool unknown movies

most googled women on the web

we now have SEO optimized URLs - please excuse any bugs this brings up... I AM ON IT :p

25 websites to kill time

100 worst tattoos ever

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Lightningsoul is a workaholic with 632 things to do on their agenda.

Bio: Born 1983 in Kassel, Germany I made my way to Regensburg, Munich and Stuttgart where I studied law, physics and business informatics.
I am currently working in Munich as a web developer for a small but successfull company. In my spare time I am work

About me: I am a 30y old gamer, gambler and programmer from Germany.
In my freetime I like to share the content that entertains me with others and produce some myself. Hopefully somebody likes it. :)

Hometown: Homberg, Hessen, Germany

Location: Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Gender: female

registered on Saturday 12th of February 2011 at 20:18



#2 Troll
Tuesday 26th of March 2013 at 15:17
really? I thought it was santa clause on a bad hair day with too much fat on his hips!

#298 Lightningsoul
Wednesday 13th of November 2013 at 12:42
stfu :(
I am Santa but only when I approve of it.



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