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World Cup 2014 in Brazil

this is it


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Monday 14th of July 2014 at 16:16


List of All World Cup and European Cup Soccer Winners

All the Football Winners from 1930 to now

Here is a list of all the winners in soccer / football history:
1930 Uruguay
1934 Italy
1938 Italy
1942 not held
1946 not held
1950 Uruguay
1954 Germany
1958 Brazil
1960 UdSSR
1962 Brazil
1964 Spain
1966 England
1968 Italy
1970 Brazil
1972 Germany
1974 Germany
1976 CSSR
1978 Argentina
1980 Germany
1982 Italy
1984 France
1986 Argentina
1988 Netherlands
1990 Germany
1992 Denmark
1994 Brazil
1996 Germany
1998 France
2000 France
2002 Brazil
2004 Greece
2006 Italy
2008 Spain
2010 Spain
2012 Spain
2014 Germany OH F*** YEAH

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Wednesday 9th of July 2014 at 11:06


An Update on What the Heck is Going on

tweet, tweet, tweet

The purpose of this site has always been to share content with its visitors, fans and users. This concept remains unchanged but for the last couple of months I was not able to create my own content. This happened due the fact that I have no real computer I can use to do so and have a very limited amount of time to do anything, really.
Therefor the most stuff, updates etc. will be published via Twitter with the best posts being copied on this page. As a consequence of this change there will now be a twitter box on the left that shows my tweets. Be aware that those are mostly German with some English ones in between. I hope you all still visit this site to laugh, cry and chat in great despair.

Sincerely, Lightningsoul

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Sunday 4th of May 2014 at 08:39


Let Her Go



Wednesday 26th of March 2014 at 11:34


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