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Welcome to Lightningsoul.com and .de V4

viewed best in ie11 ... haha

Hello my fellow visitors. This site has finally updated to something special. It still is under construction but I just wanted to release it as it is way faster than the previous design and looks so much nicer (on a broader variety of systems like mobile etc.)!
Have fun and enjoy your stay.

Update: It seems that the background images force Chrome and Firefox into their knees as the scroll speed in this video relates to only the bg image. Sadly I had to remove this for those browsers to accelerate the speed of the page on client side. Feel free to use IE11 for full design.

Related: check out the German version as well!

Sunday 15th of December 2013 at 21:14



#299 Kati
Monday 16th of December 2013 at 09:16
I really love the new design! =)



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