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Counter Strike

9.7 (Ranking: #1)

This is the best multiplayer game and for me the best allaround game of all time. The HL engine itself with its smoothness and very "clear" graphics does the best to provide an esport title which will never be programmed again. The maps and weapons are beyond all doubt the best combination of both demanding and joyfull aspects. With a pistoleround which actually is an invention of counter strike and other stuff like planting bombs it really created a new gaming feeling in 1999. Over the top you then had rescuing hostages, escaping from pursuit and vip assassination which made this game so much more fun. But still with matches that are never the same this is one great game for eternity. I enjoyed it at least 7 years and am still playing from time to time again!

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Thursday 26th of December 2013 at 21:07
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