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So today I took a look at my moms laptop to find out that heir internet explorer 8.0 has been hijacked by the so appreciated ask toolbar. Without doubt I had to get rid of all of its stupid addons and search bars and stuff, so I started by deactivating the addons via the settings. After that I uninstalled all its components in the windows own software and programs screen and executed two tools to delete it all (ask toolbar removate and windows fixit).

Only to come back to IE8 to realize that it did not help, so I manually changed the search to google, which only helped with the sidebar search but not the one in the adress bar. I have googled my fingers to pain and not found one single helping answer.

So the next step was to take a look at the registry on my own. I quickly came to the conclusion to search for any entry that has ask.com in it (that is basically the address it redirects you to, so it must be in the registry somewhere...)!
I found quite a lot of it but ignored the first 6 that just showed the last urls I went too (5 of it were ask.com haha). So the next ones were interesting, there were like four or five that showed exactly the search pages URL so I quickly exchanged it with the one from google: https://www.google.de/search?q=google+&oq=google+sSEARCHENTRY&ie=UTF-8

Remember that you have to put the variable for your search where it states SEARCHENTRY!
After that I had the google search back in the address bar. Any questions - comment!

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Sunday 4th of August 2013 at 15:53



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